My name is Matt Simmons.  I’m the Project Coordinator for the Digital US South Initiative at the  University of South Carolina, from whence I also hold a PhD in 20th Century American Literature. At USC, I also regularly teach courses in American literature, Southern literature, and occasionally teach courses in first-year composition or business/professional writing.

My C.V. (edited Summer 2016) is here, and you can learn more about me personally here.

My personal blog is Ex Libris Humanitas; there, I explore the True, the Good, and the Beautiful as I find them in my readings and reflections on subjects far and wide. The home and garden blog for my wife and I is Briarfield.

You can email me; even better, you can securely email me using Enigmail (you can find my secure public key here).

XMPP users may send me an IM: wmatthewjsimmons@dukgo.com

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