About Matt

My name is William Matthew Jackson Simmons:

  • I grew up in Whiteville, NC (and edited significant portions of its Wikipedia entry), and went to college at North Carolina State, where I was part of that odd breed of liberal arts majors at a land-grand school.
  • I roasted coffee for a living for six and a half years.
  • While a terrible athlete myself, I love sports, and consider baseball the preeminent of all games.
  • I tell long rambling stories with only partial regard for their fidelity to the truth.
  • I’m a self-confessing provincial.
  • I will get in a fight with you over barbeque.
  • I drink cheap beer and expensive whiskey.
  • I like reading old books, having old wood to burn, and talking to old men. I’m an old-school humanist.
  • I didn’t get an airplane until I was 29, and hated every second of it.
  • I’m trying my best to build a library.
  • I like to garden.
  • I’m doing all that I can to walk the fine line that lets me easily move back-and-forth between the blue collar and intellectual worlds.
  • I’m a one-point Calvinist, which I guess makes me an Arminian. I pray the daily office from the 1928 edition of the Protestant Episcopal Church in United States of America’s Book of Common Prayer, have an affinity for the traditional Church Kalendar, and agree with John Wesley about the mysterious actuality of Real Presence.
  • And I’m married to an awesome lady who puts up with all of this.