(Whoops…meant to publish on Sunday and forgot!)

Date: Sunday, June 4–Pentecost

Almanac: June 1-10:  Sunny, Cool, then warm. 

Actual Weather: Humid and 90s

Projects Completed: Sunday–day of rest, got a few things straightened/organized.  Matt and I had some budget and room rearranging discussions and talked about the up coming week. 

Other things of note:  Meredith is getting over her cold, still.  Our Tomatoes in our garden are doing really well.

Projects In Progress: weeding the garden, shifting some rooms so SJ can get out of the nursery, house organization

Meals Shared: sausage, egg & cheese sandwich for Matt, Sallie Jo had cereal and applesauce, Meredith had a blueberry muffin from Rosiegirl bakery.  Lunch was burgers (leftover from last night), dinner was Summer Supper: Corn, potatoes, green beans, okra, squash and strawberries (probably the last of the season) for dessert.


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