Updates, and New Rows to Come

So the peas did what I expected: the ones from the old packages didn’t do a thing. And the ones I had bought for this year have done pretty well so far–except that planting them in late January was probably jumping the gun. It turned cold throughout all of February, and the peas sat dormant for some time. Here in the last week or so it’s suddenly been very, very warm–about 15 or so degrees higher than normal warm. And those peas are popping up! I’ll be planting some more tomorrow, as it looks like the squirrels dug up a few of my seeds.

I also put in some radish seed tape (again, another leftover that I had no idea would work), and it’s coming in. I had also started several things by seed indoors–lettuces, peppers, tomatoes, a type of climbing spinach that tolerates heat well, and some flowers. The lettuces all went kaput, turning spindly really quickly. I planted some lettuce seeds bare dirt a week or so ago, and they are popping up now. The pepper seedlings look great, while the tomato seedlings look okay (good enough, though), the climbing spinach seedlings look pretty good, and the flowers did nothing. It’s hard to start seeds indoors in our house, as all our windows face north-south, we have lots of shady trees close to the house, and a cat who eats everything that looks green. Hopefully, we’ll have a greenhouse in the not too distant future.

Tomorrow, I’m putting in some rows. I made a brief video about it (and it’s terrible quality, apologies). Let’s hope the rows look good. I’ll give an update concerning why I’m doing rows, as well as what’s in them, in the next few days.

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